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The JSB Café


Hours:  11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.


All sandwiches served with French fries
(substitute: fresh fruit, sautéed medley of vegetables, cup of soup or side salad)
California Club    $8.75    
On toasted sourdough, mayo, roasted turkey, bacon, jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and fresh avocado  
Classic Club   $8.75    
Three pieces of toasted sourdough, mayo, lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon and roasted turkey
SBCC Chicken   $8.50    
Charbroiled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese and avocado on whole wheat roll
JSB Burger   $8.50    
Charbroiled Angus Beef patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat roll
Grilled Cheese   $6.00    
Grilled sourdough with jack and cheddar cheese
California Melt   $8.50    
Grilled sourdough, roasted turkey, bacon, jack cheese, avocado and tomatoes
"Create Your Own"  JSB Sandwich $8.50    
Oven baked French roll with mayo, mustard 
choice of turkey, tri tip or bacon,
Swiss, jack or cheddar cheese
Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pepperoncini and avocado
Atlantic Salmon   $9.00    
Choose blackened or teriyaki served with brown rice and sautéed vegetables
Garden Burger   $8.25    
Garden burger on whole wheat roll, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, pickles, red onion and avocado
grilled chicken breast $2.95   bacon  $2.00
sautéed vegetables $3.95   avocado $2.00
side salad $3.00   cheese $1.00
side of fresh fruit $3.00   salmon $6.00
cup of soup $3.00      
Basket of JSB Cajun Seasoned French Fries $4.00    

Specialty Salads

Pacific Rim Chicken Salad  


Mixed greens, green onions, cilantro, basil, cashews, mandarin oranges, won ton strips tossed with toasted sesame dressing and topped with chicken breast
Southwestern Chicken Salad   $8.75    
Mixed greens, black beans, corn, tomato, cilantro, corn strips tossed with ranch dressing. Topped with barbecued chicken breast, cheddar cheese and avocado
Chopped Cobb Salad   $8.75    
Chopped romaine, chicken, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, avocado tossed in your choice of dressing
Roasted Vegetable and Chicken Salad $8.75    
Mixed greens, oven roasted eggplant, zucchini, red onion, red pepper, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese, chicken breast, and avocado.  Tossed with balsamic dressing
Substitute blackened salmon for chicken   $9.25    
"Gimme five"        
The Jack Salad   $5.50    
Mixed greens, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, corn, black beans and sunflower seeds. Your choice of dressing.  
Bowl of soup served with fresh baked bread    $5.50    
1/2 sandwich and a side   $5.50    
1/2 a sandwich (toasted sourdough, turkey, jack cheese, lettuce tomato and mayo)     
Side - cup of soup, side salad, fruit, sautéed vegetables or fries        
Beverages   $1.75    
Fountain drinks        
Brewed Ice Tea        
Coffee or Hot Tea        
Specialty Drinks   $4.00    
Milk Shakes - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or mint and chip
Ice blended Mocha-made with milk espresso, chocolate.  Topped with whip cream