Bagish Overlook


SBCC has three main breathtaking sites that are available for wedding ceremonies: 
  1. Winslow Maxwell Overlook
  2. The Great Meadow
  3. Baggish Overlook

Located on the cliffs over Leadbetter Beach and East Beach, each location has beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, Mountains and the Channel Islands.

DAYS AVAILABLE: These sites are available on weekends for Saturday or Sunday ceremonies, and can be scheduled with a Friday rehearsal. For Friday ceremonies, please inquire with the office.


  • Only one wedding per-site per-day is scheduled. 
  • A rental fee, refundable security deposit and insurance is required upon confirmation. 
  • Included in the rental fee is a wedding coordinator present before the ceremony to establish parking and restroom designation signs for your guests, monitor the area for pedestrians or any conflicting noises and to locate the electric outlets on site for music. 
  • You would need to provide your own microphone and amp and extension cord. The College will identify the power locations to use.
  • You may bring your own personalized signs to be staked or hung up as well, please remove them at the end of the site use.
  • Chairs must be provided by wedding party or an outside vendor service.
  • No food or beverages may be served with the exception of bottled water. Ceremonial toasts may be discussed with your inquiry.

View photos of wedding ceremony locations at SBCC

Site Information:

The Great Meadow is located on the West Campus, south end of the large fountain and the Drama Music Building.  Here, the privacy is in its gigantic space and unobstructed view of the ocean and its surrounding islands and mountains.  The Great Meadow offers the wedding party a choice with chair and ceremony set-up design. It is partially surrounded with a dirt pathway along the edge of the cliff that is lined with a wooden railing. The main Fountain separates the Meadow from the campus area. This area is accessible for the brides wedding vehicle to come up behind the library and park next to the fountain for convenience. The Great Meadow can hold an unlimited number of guests and has several options to choose from in setup, style and location, including the option of using The Bagish Overlook, or "Hanks Hill".

The Bagish Overlook is tucked behind the grassy mound facing the ocean at the Great Meadow. This specific area has limited built-in stone seating ideal for small ceremonies. Approximately 30 people can be seated and more guests can stand along the top area. The seating and patio face the ocean and Leadbetter Beach with more room for guests to stand atop. It has a circular stone patio with a quiet fountain and several small trees providing privacy. The stone patio has two pathway entrances, one with steps one without, both connecting to the patio and the pathway leading around The Great Meadow.

Directions to the Great Meadow and Baggish Overlook

The Winslow Maxwell Overlook is located on the East Campus at the far east corner. This is the most popular location. The Winslow Maxwell Overlook provides panoramic views stretching from the edge of the city to the mountains down to the pier and harbor. It is a more private location and holds a maximum of two hundred guests. The area consists of a large grass circle in the center bordered by beautiful stone pillars. Surrounding this inner circle is more stone patio area with two entrance pathways. This patio area provides ample space for chairs, fitting approximately 150 to 200 guests depending on design. 

Directions to the Winslow-Maxwell Overlook


To BEGIN your ceremony application:

  1. Step one: Contact our office by emailing or calling the office for availability of location and date, as well as deposit and fee information.

  2. Step two: Once location and date availability is confirmed, you will be provided the Wedding Contract. Complete the contract and submit payment in full with contract to secure your request. Your refund will be issued after the ceremony and routine grounds check is complete.
  3. Step three: Submit Insurance no less than two (2) weeks prior to date. You may obtain insurance and directions through ASCIP TULIP, or through your own private insurance provider. Feel free to ask us any questions.

  4. Step four: Enjoy your ceremony!