Davis Watermelon Event


Please go to davisvelarde.org for more information about the Spring Watermelon Jazz event.

About Our Program

The Santa Barbara City College Music Department offers a comprehensive program aimed at reaching each student of music, both major and non-major alike. It provides the music major with a thorough basis in the creative (theory, composition, interpretation) and recreative (performance, applied music, history and appreciation) realms of musical endeavor and enjoyment. For those interested in the commercial music field, the department offers courses in jazz, sound recording and electronic music, song writing and arranging. Non-majors seeking a better understanding of music can participate in performance groups and classes in theory, history and instrumental instruction, among others.

The Associate in Arts Degree is conferred upon completion of the two-year program of study as a Music major and completion of the state and local requirements outlined later in this section. Courses are structured to offer an articulated transfer program for the major and a core of courses is offered to satisfy and nourish the reentry and continuing non-major student seeking an expressive and enjoyable musical experience.

The facilities at SBCC feature the finest in performance and rehearsal areas, no-cost use of musical instruments, individual practice rooms, and an array of special resources and equipment designed to aid students in their musical studies and achievements.