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English, Composition and Literature

Program Description

In our information-based society, reading comprehension and writing skills are essential. The English Program offers a rich and varied education in these vital areas of literacy, serving the individual student, the academic community and society at large. The pre-freshman course (ENG 98) and the freshman English courses (ENG 110 and 111) provide students with a foundation in college writing and research through the study of nonfiction, fiction, drama, and poetry, while emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills. In order to further develop understanding of our cultural traditions and to stimulate students' imaginations, the department offers literature courses ranging from surveys of American, British, world and sacred literature, to introductory courses in Shakespeare, poetry, women's literature, contemporary fiction and drama. These sophomore literature courses provide enrichment to any student and fulfill the General Education requirements for students enrolled in degree and transfer programs. Also available to students who have completed freshman composition are courses in creative writing, technical writing and, when possible, advanced composition, each emphasizing development of different writing skills. The objective of the English Department is to provide each student with the opportunity to develop his or her own reading, writing, research and critical thinking abilities for successful transfer to universities and for functioning in society and the job market.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze college-level texts, both non-fiction and fiction.
  2. Write coherent thesis-driven prose.
  3. Gather evaluate and synthesize information to produce a correctly-documented research paper.
  4. Revise written work as part of the writing process.
  5. Describe and evaluate literary elements and genres.

Department Office

English Office: Miriam Theis (IDC-317, ext. 2340)
Barbara Bell, Chair (IDC-305, ext. 2475)
Priscilla Mora, Dean (ext. 2354)

Faculty & Offices

  • Barbara Bell, Chair (IDC-305, ext. 2475)
  • Jennifer Baxton (IDC-304, ext. 3895)
  • Sarah Boggs (ECOC-3/Office 6)
  • Christopher Brown (IDC 336 ext. 4498)
  • Bonny Bryan (IDC-314, ext. 2709)
  • Joshua Escobar (IDC316, ext.4311)
  • Melanie Eckford-Prossor (IDC-311, ext. 3014) 
  • Charles Grogg (IDC-309, ext. 3490) 
  • Christopher Johnston (IDC 308, ext. 4712) 
  • Melissa Menendez (IDC 306, ext. 4743) 
  • Jody Millward (IDC-326B, ext. 2736)
  • Jordan Molina (ECOC-3/Office 7) 
  • Kimberly Monda (IDC-324, ext. 2523) 
  • Clara Oropeza (IDC-307, ext. 4711)
  • David Starkey (IDC 321, ext. 2345) 
  • Sandra Starkey (IDC-320, ext. 2735)
  • Ann Wilkinson (IDC-310, ext. 2551)

picture of English Composition department faculty